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Although employers are legally required to carry out risk assessments, document them and to ensure that the products used in the workplace provides adequate protection - is not it always the case that the right protective gear is selected and present.

D-S Safety A / S is a total supplier of security (protection) for all industries, government and municipal as well as private. Whether it comes to personal protective equipment (safety), then we have what it takes to do the job:

  • Work clothes

  • Confined space equipment

  • Fall protection

  • Gas Detectors

  • Earmuffs

  • Hand protection

  • Respiratory protection

  • Safety shoes

  • Environmental management

  • Eye protection

  • Signs

  • Marking

  • First aid

  • Desinfection

  • Lights

  • Welding clothing

  • Disposable products

  • Ergonomics

  • Sterile and cleanroom

  • Head protection

The user should, of course, not least for its own security, require that the products employer buys are tested, approved and labeled to ensure proper protection.

If you buy our products, you are guaranteed to be delivered approved protective equipment tested, approved (acc. EN / European Norms) and marked (CE) to such a degree that you get the quality you ordered. This ensures not that you have correctly selected the purchase, since the situation and your application has a major influence on whether the intended protection, but there is help available because:

At D-S Safety A / S, we know all about choosing the correct protective equipment and the use and application of protective equipment, and we take pride in being able to provide you with the best form of protection.

Personal protective equipment or PPE as it is also called include a variety of products:

- Head protection, hearing protection, goggles, respirators, protective clothing, gloves, safety shoes, etc. you will find on our site.

We are very helpful if you have trouble choosing the proper equipment and have instructions for use. And therefore we have a number of services for free use. We recommend that you try to use them.

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